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This is designed to be installed as a windows service. It will periodically check your external IP and will updated ZoneEdit for whichever names you want.

1. build solution
2. copy bin/* to c:\apps\ZoneEditService
3. open cmd.exe as admin and run install.bat from c:\apps\ZoneEditService
4. vi (um, I mean notepad) ZoneEditService.exe.config and enter your zoneEditUesr, zoneEditPwd, and hostNames (e.g.,,
5. Start->run services.msc and click properties for ZoneEditService and change startup to Automatic (delayed) and go ahead and start the service.

Open Event Log and you should see a confirmation that the service has started and is listeing on port 500 to update the hostnames you provided and finally a repsonse from the first call to ZoneEdit.

Need to write some tests....

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